Elf for Hire — Who I am

If you find yourself saying “This is a job for an elf!” then you have found the right person.  I am an Elf with strong arms and a great mind.  I live in Joshua Tree, Ca. and am a good-spirited person by nature.  Due to my training as an Elf, I offer services efficiently and with a positive attitude. And, I ain’t no schmo’.

Services I can do: landscaping, some carpentry, drawing architecture, digging, sweeping, helping you carry heavy things, cooking assistant, performer, educator, tutor, consultant.  I will happily be an artist’s assistant, or PA for a travel photographer or film-maker.  Reasonable rates.

Speciality Services:

  • I will watch a video for you & tell you what it’s about.
  • I will edit a text (on-site, one-day) and consult with you about the writer’s voice. Multiple bookings okay.
  • I will go for a walk and talk to offer a “new ear” on a problem you want to solve. I do not offer advice nor am I am expert in anything (legal disclaimer). I listen, keep you company, & provide safe space.
  • I will give you, your school / club / organization / friend a 1/2 hour – 1 hour presentation on LGBTQ history.
  • I will consult with you about clothing, costume, or fashion if you are currently ‘working out’ who you want to be.
  • I will meet with parents, guardians, family members, pals, bosses, etc. seeking support around the subject of  appearance, clothing, and fashion choices of an important LGBTQIA child or adult person in their life.
  • I will be on your catering team and work brilliantly in the kitchen for the holiday feasts.

My training includes academic research and teaching (Ph.D. in Critical Dance Studies, 2011); Fire crew boss of a 20-person handcrew (Type II), assistant fire captain in Darby, Montana; and hotshot fire fighter (Type I) in Colorado (2005-2011).  I have published LGBTQ articles focused on performance, music, fine arts or entertainment for Curve Magazine, Ms. , BITCH, ITCH, and elsewhere.  My academic research has been on representations of queer and transgender masculinities as they materialize in fashion designs or clothing styles that also do social justice work; published in Transgender Studies Quarterly (TSQ) ; interviews are on my queer fashion-related blog, Queerture: Queer + Couture.   Most recently, I have served as a Visiting Faculty member at San Francisco Art Institute and adjunct professor in Women and Gender Studies Department at the University of California, Davis.

Email: queerture@gmail.com      Cell: 714/928-6930



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