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I am for hire, meaning looking for meaningful work which fits my nature. My skills surpass my wildest imagination! Author David Sedaris wrote short stories about the odd jobs did to make money. I want to be like David (published novelist), so I am following suit. I started this blog to document the journey.

MY DOG IS  a small, soft polar bear-like puppy, a year old. Her name is Iyla (eye-lah). In 2015, Iyla received the “Canine Good Citizen of Yucca Valley” certificate of achievement, and successfully completed Happy Trail Doggy School “Basic Obedience.” I am very proud of her.

Photo by:  Amirakripa Watts-Robb.

Original “Crochet Museum” sweater pictured above, designed by: Shari Elf.

Model: T. 


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