ELF #1 , in a National Geographic TV series shoot

Coming out of the gate, I was invited by Los Angeles Costume Designer / Suit Consultant Vanessa Craig aka Vanessa Sew Gay to be in a National Geographic TV series shoot, “Map of Hell” which airs this summer on NatGeo channel. Casting director  Gina Young  gave my hire the thumb’s up, which made this a twice as amazing opportunity cuz I’m a big fan of Gina Young’s talent in music and theatre.   “Map of Hell” is a feature starring Danny Trejo, best known in his role in the 2010 action film, “‘Machete.”

I played a dead soul, as an Extra. My job was to do as directed on set. The  Costume Designer put us in dark colors, upscale, which was really fun.  She also gave me a blue tie, which I so appreciated.  One of the fellow actors I met was Robert Wilson, who recently played Batman in Batman Beyond: The Series . There were two other male fashion models/actors, and another fun woman actor, who was kind to befriend me right away.

Costumer/Suit Consultant Vanessa Craig costuming ‘dead soul’ Robert Wilson for the Nat/Geo TV series shoot “Map of Hell.” 


I am grateful for my first job as ELF to have been acting role, even as an Extra. Yes, more please!


Thanks for reading. Happy New Year!  – Big T. , Elf Number One

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