Panting a Santa Fe style house

20160301_104017The home owner  of this  Santa Fe style house asked me to help her paint the exterior of her home.  In just under three days, we did the whole thing including the parapets.  This was a stucco home with small cracks and lines from 10 years of exposure to Mohave desert weather.

I focused on the roof and walls. With a paint roller and brush, I laid out white paint while the homeowner and her boyfriend cut windows & resealed the porch wooden rafters.  Even though techincally it is early Spring here in the desert, the sun is already quite hot — especially up on the da roof!

20160301_104357We covered the parapets in two layers of paint because they take the beating from rain the most. It is important for the crevices to be sealed.  It was fun to see a wall transform before your very eyes into the clean canvas of fresh paint.

The job calls for bending over the walls and painting as far down as you can — this fills up the stucco wall with paint, using the force of gravity.  Parapets are sexy; from my view, they are story tellers.The homeowner has turkeys, which make gobble-gobble sounds. The sounds of the turkeys was social and friendly.  My dog sat in the shade and played with the homeowner’s dogs, too.

It is quite magnificent to be atop a house looking over the mesa’s of Joshua Tree.  What a spectacular experience. We finished the front-facing wall off last, which required moving cacti and art objects.  The homeowner and her partner and I worked hard, and as a team.  What a great experience. When I left, we were happy at what we had done!




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