Product Review – Shark Cordless Vacuum


I am a sweeper, by nature.  In my teenage days working at McDonald’s, I swept for hours and hours, keeping the outside and inside floors free of obstacles and dirt.  One’s mind wanders when you sweep. It is a relaxing activity, using some of the soft breathing rhythms of Zen meditation.  Sometimes I sweep carpet, tile, small nooks or large dance floors.

Since I got my dog, there has been more hair in my life.  A good portable vacuum cleaner comes in handy.  Today’s blog entry is a Product Review of the SHARK: CORDLESS VACUUM.

Battery life: 15 minutes at a time

Rating: B +

Cost:     Moderate: $35 at Home Depot

Nozzles: 2 nozzle options

Review:  Your tools ought to work for you.  They should function well on demand, be easy to open, close, clean, and be long-lasting.  The SHARK Cordless Vacuum has curb appeal. It is good looking and easy to handle. The battery life is not generous, however it recharges within a few hours. There are two nozzles: 1 is pointy (for room corners, or the car); the 2nd is a mini-vacuum rotation wheel (like a vacuum cleaner).  Both work okay.   The filter is easy to access and dump out.  All in all, a decent vacuum cleaner. The main disappointment is battery life.




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